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May 2019
TCAPSLoop Podcasts

Summer Fun
Summer Fun!

Episode 84

Teaching and learning doesn’t have to end when summer starts! Danelle shares some great ideas for keeping minds active over the summer break.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom

Episode 10

The long awaited sister to the EdTech Loop Google Update episode. The TechNollerGist dives Jacques Custeau deep into the latest and greatest with Google Classroom.

click here for the Staff Appreciation Podcast
Staff Appreciation

Episode 83

Celebrating "Staff Appreciation Week" at TCAPS. To anyone involved in educating our children, thanks for listening and inspiring.

Click here for the Information Overload Podcast
Information Overload

Episode 82

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the barage of information? So are we. This Podcast has some tools and strategies that may help.

Click here for the Common Sense Census podcast
Common Sense Census

Episode 81

We rate few things more important for our students than Digital Literacy and Citizenship. The Common Sense Census report gives a great baseline for where we are currently in teaching these important digital tools.

Click here for the Summer Conferences podcast
Summer Conferences

Episode 80

Summer can be the perfect opportunity to learn something new. There are SO many opportunities to connect with your teaching tribe in the upcoming months!

Click here for the Google Apps Update podcast
Google Apps Update

Episode 79

REMEMBER, IT'S NOT ABOUT GOOGLE….IT'S ABOUT THE LEARNING. The sister episode of TechNollergist episode 10.

Click here for the Student Assessment podcast
Student Assessment

Episode 78

Andrew Phillips, TCAPS Curriculum Director, was able to shed some light on how a district supports teachers in assessment and data collection to improve student performance and relationships. Great Pod!

Click here for the Student Relationships podcast
Student Relationships

Episode 9

This may be a bit far afield from our usual "edtech" focus but the TechNollerGist has some thoughts on the importance of building intentional relationships with EACH student.

Click here for the Classroom Library podcast
Classroom Library

Episode 77

Stephie Luyt has some suggestions on how to upgrade your classroom library.

Click here for the Student Choice podcast
Classroom Library

Episode 8

Leverage technology and student tech interest to increase student choice and student voice to (hopefully) increase engagement.

Click here for the Up North STEM podcast
Up North STEM

Episode 76

We continue to pursue progress over perfection as we are joined by the Northern Michigan Sage of STEM, Drea Weiner. She shares some of the amazing progress made in creating collaborations with local industry and our classrooms.

Click here for the Get Tidy podcast
Get Tidy

Episode 75

Danelle has brought dozens of specifically sized, color coordinated boxes into the studio in an attempt to get education organized, minimized and to rekindle our joy of learning.

Click here for the Awards Season podcast
Awards Season

Episode 6

Break out the Red Carpet! It's Award Season for the BiblioTech podcast. Stephie shares a few of her favorite honorees from this years ALA Library awards.

Click here for the Big News! podcast
Big News!

Episode 74

Danelle refused to bask in the warm success of Winter Wired and instead is stocking up on sunscreen, beach toys and flip flops in hopeful preparation for this summer's WIREDTC 4.0.

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