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October 2018
TCAPSLoop Podcasts

ISTE Leaders
ISTE Leaders

Episode 61

We are continuing to unpack the ISTE Standards for Educators with this episode focusing onthe "Leader" standard and it's indicators. Check out episode 39, 59, 60 for more ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) pods.

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ISTE Learners

Episode 60

Let's spend the next several weeks unpacking the ISTE Standards for Educators like we've just got back from a month retreat in Istanbul...or Constantinople. We will be tackling one standard per episode. This pod is all about being an ISTE Learner.

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ISTE Standards

Episode 59

ISTE recently release their "Standards for Educators, Students and Educational Leaders. TCAPSLoop is devoting a series of episodes to the ISTE Standards in an attempt to help you understand, navigate, and incorporate these foundational standards.

Social Media
Social Media and Students

Episode 58

Common Sense Media recently released this report: Common Sense Media Social Media/Social Life 2018 Study. This important study sheds a little light on the perspectives of teens using SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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Back to School

Episode 57

Though educators have scheduled time away from the classroom in the summer thier thoughts seldom stray from the practice. Danelle shares some of the work she's witnessed our teachers and School District doing over the summer including conferences, reading groups, opening new buildings and much more.

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Future of Libraries

Episode 56

Special guest Stephie Luyt joins us to discuss the "Future of Libraries." Including the future forward concept of a "Learning Commons." How will this effect learning and community building at the school and why are libraries and librarians more relevant than ever?

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