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May 2018
TCAPSLoop Podcasts

Summer Slide
Summer Slide

Episode 48

Danelle has some great tips for keeping your child engaged, creative, and continuing to grow their love of learning through the summer.

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You've Got GMail

Episode 47

I may become a convert! Danelle introduces some enticing changes to GMail which might make me migrate from Apple Mail to GMail...finally.

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Staff Appreciation

Episode 46

TCAPSLoop Weekly would like to share our appreciation for all the educators and support staff making a difference in students lives. There is no higher calling than educating our youth.

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Cyber Security

Episode 45

TCAPS Network Guru, Thomas Paolacci, offers some advice to teachers and students on how to stay safe, and keep your information secure online.

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TCAPSLoop Recommends... Podcasts!

Episode 44

We discuss...podcasts! Not only why we listen but some of our favorites.

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Episode 4

Señor Baumann has risen from the ashes of MACUL and will not rest until Flippity,, Insert Learning, are used across the District.

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Favorite Things

Episode 43

Danelle shares some of her favorite new tools she's using to extend the classroom as well as her own professional development. Check out some of these cool ideas.

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