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January 2019
TCAPSLoop Podcasts

Lifelong Kindergarten
Lifelong Kindergarten

Episode 73

What started as another seemingly harmless podcast about project-based learning turned into some brave conversations on real change in educational priorities.

COPPA Compliance
COPPA Compliance

Episode 72

Danelle shares her thoughts on COPPA compliance and how to keep student data safe.

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Buyer Beware

Episode 7

Before buying, downloading or installing the latest and greatest #Edtech goodie for your classroom, take a moment to make sure you know what's happening with your student's information. What is the Apps privacy policy, is it FERPA and COPPA compliant?

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No Fear!

Episode 6

The TechNollerGist (David Noller) goes next level regarding how teachers can leverage technology in their classrooms. Below are a few examples allowing students to direct their own learning with the help of technology. Differentiated, even individualized? How can it be done without opening the floodgates?

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Episode 70.2

TCAPSLoop' Exit Interview with former TCAPS Director of Technology, Brandi Reynolds. We break down the ISTE Standards for Education Leaders allowing Brandi to reflect on what she's learned as an educational leader at TCAPS.


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