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April 2018
TCAPSLoop Podcasts

Classroom Management
Classroom Management

Episode 3

This is not a "Google Classroom will make your life easier," podcast...though it will. David shares some practical tips on ways to structure lessons using technology.

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MACUL Marco Polo

Episode 42

The 2018 MACUL Conference debrief with David Noller talking about what's new and exciting in #edtech for 2018.

click here for the EdTech Making Sense Podcast
EdTech Making Sense

Episode 41

When does technology enhance instruction and truly impact learning? When is it just another thing taking us further away from our learning goals?

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Finding It All With MeLCAT

Episode 1

We talk MELCat, part of that allows you to check out materials from over 400 libraries across the state.

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EdTech for the Littles

Episode 40

Using the "Triple E framework", Danelle picks several of her favorite edtech tools to enhance instruction specifically for K-6 classrooms.

click here for the TECH Tools Podcast
Youtube Strikes Back

Episode 3

Establish a pedagogy around the many uses of Youtube. Dispatch docutube, flipgrid, google forms and edpuzzle with youtube videos for assessment, interactivity and fun.

click here for the MITECS Podcast

Episode 39

MITECS (Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students) build supports for educators and provide on-ramps for including technology in your curriculum strategically using a handy checklist.

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Digital Parenting

Episode 38

Parenting in the digital age is tricky and we could all use a little helpful advice. Danelle and Stephie share some great tips to navigate the digital landscape with our children.

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Episode 2

Gamification has been a term thrown around for awhile in education but we suggests moving past badges and leveling up to role-playing using the family games we love as the sandbox in which to frame your lessons.

click here for the Create vs Consume Podcast
Create vs. Consume

Episode 37

Danelle shares some strategies to move our students away from being solely consumers of content and towards being creators, makers and productive digital citizens.

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